Native Florida Landscapes provides accurate tree survey data and can properly identify tree species and diagnose
their health using the protocol established by the Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers.

  • accurate identification of tree species present (native or exotic)
  • proper measurement of tree size
  • assessments of the suitability of retention or removal
  • geo-location of the trees in the landscape

Tree Inventory
Management Software

Native Florida Landscapes
designed a simple individual tree
tracking program. The goal of
this software is to provide a
municipality a simple but useful
way to manage and track the
trees in their urban forest.
Location of all hardwood trees
within a town’s boundaries can
be identified and entered into
the database.

TIMS is a basic database
program that runs within
Microsoft Access and provides:
  1. A system that enables users
    to easily collect, enter, and
    store data.
  2. A tree inventory
    management system that
    allows users to track location,
    species, size and age class
    distribution, pruning needs,
    tree health, and
    identification of hazard trees.
  3. A customizable desktop
    inventory program to meet
    the specific needs.
  4. In conjunction with the TIMS
    program, a generalized
    maintenance schedule can
    be created to provide a
    template for the town to
    follow. The schedule can
    contain general periods of
    time when exotic removal
    and pest management can
    be optimized, when pruning
    would be less stressful for a
    tree and months when
    updating the TIMS database
    should be done.

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Marked trees of a wetland survey
Tree survey report
Municipal Specialist conducting measurements