There are six branches that
were hacked off.  Branches
were trimmed by a neighbor
without permission.

If this tree dies, the neighbor
would be liable and might
have to have to pay for this
tree's removal and
replacement with a new one.  

Branches that overhang a
property line generally may
be pruned but not to the point
of harming the overall health
of the tree.
Arboriculture and the Law
Native Florida Landscapes, LLC
How much is a tree worth?
And, what are my legal responsibilities when I have trees?
As an owner of a tree you are legally responsible for that
tree if it falls and you knew it was dead and or decaying.  

There are exceptions to that rule, namely catastrophic
storms.  Arboriculture law is not practiced by many, consult a
Native Florida Landscapes to work through your
responsibilities and duties.

If you have a legal issue regarding trees that have fallen,
trees that were pruned by your neighbor or damaged, seek
our professional assistance.
Tree Value
Trees have value, often lots of value.  A home landscaped
with healthy, native trees can have its value increased by as
much as 20%.   Those trees add to your net worth and if
they are damaged or destroyed you can claim that value.  

We use the standards of plant appraisal as outlined by the
nationally recognized Council of Tree and Landscape

Tree value is based on:
The species, its location in the landscape, architectural structure, health, and

Tree values are needed by:
Developers who have to replace trees and need to know the value of those
specimens to be removed.
Homeowners who need to know how much more their home is worth
Municipalities who are managing tree mitigation banks
This is a dead laurel oak that
could have fallen on the
neighbors house
Our state tree, the cabbage
palm, can add value to a
home along with lots of
Trees add beauty to a
development, whether
commercial or residential.
In this case the tree has to
be removed.  How much
should the developer pay
for the loss of benefits this
tree provides to the
A front yard full of native
trees.  A definite plus when
it comes to resale value.
Can you claim house damage
after a storm?  Depends on the
tree's prior condition.

Univ. of Fl. ifas photo